Travelling to Wellington in Australia


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Wellington is between a magnificent harbor and rolling green hills. The picture perfect city of Wellington is amazingly compact. We can take a look at the Te Pa Museum, loads of shopping can be done, and there are more than 5000 restaurants in Wellington. This should mean than any and every cuisine is available out here.

The availability of vegan food cannot be guaranteed though. The country side around is fabulous. One you are already overwhelmed by the city it is perfect time to drive on to the country side. Many cities in Australia accept driving licenses from other countries and many other don’t. So we aware, that should not be a problem as people are helpful and willing to help most of the times.wellington 300x132 Travelling to Wellington in Australia

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is for NewZealand its governingcentre, the political or the power capital as well. Wellington’s is the 13th top quality of life in the world. People here no doubt live well. The natives or the residents of the city enjoy high economic and technological standards of life.

Wellington contributes largely to the maintenance of its nature resources. Wellington’s Bush is a place that is primarily only for the role of preserving the New Zealand Native plants.

The Harbour of Wellington has 3 islands of its own. Only one of which is large enough to be used. It is used as of now it is conserved. If you want to visit the island you nay do so in the day time , in the hours of light.

The wellington urban area has as many as 4 plus million people living there. The average climate of the city is 23 degree C. Which mean that the climate is great for people from almost any part of the world to come down to this part of Australia to be able to admire its natural beauty and have a funFamily or Group Holidays as well. Millions of tourists choose to visit Wellington city of Australia every year.

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